Hi there. I’m Joe. IT apprentice to JamCrackers’ UK

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This is my first blog (please be kind).  I thought I’d share my learnt knowledge of what a day in the life of an IT apprentice REALLY is like. Buckle up apprentice friends!

I start every morning with the frustrating task of opening the shop.  Whilst very secure, our electric shutter really does like to move a leisurely pace, even more so when it’s pelting with rain, like this morning. (I swear it does it on purpose to mock me).     

I finally get into the office, around 9.00am, make myself and the boss (if he’s in …) a cuppa. 

(Rule one of apprentice life, if you want to avoid sarky comments such as these classics ‘has the fuse gone again in that kettle’ or ‘is that the kettel I hear boiling’ from the boss, always be one step ahead and make him/her a cuppa to shut em up!).

So, not only have I braved the elements, won the battle with mocking shutter this morning, but I’ve also managed to keep the boss happy (go me!).  


Now on to my working day

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I have a great routine that I stick to and I would personally recommend to other apprentices to have a routine/check list to help you manage your time efficiently throughout the day.    

First on my morning hit list is to check and prioritise all the outstanding calls I need to make, and to check work emails.

After my routine checks are done, I then head over to our work station (this is all of 3 ft way from my desk –it’s an exhausting journey!).  This is where we keep the commercial pending repairs.  Part of my job is to ensure that all devices are professionally logged and that repairs are diagnosed, and customers are updated on the repair progress.

Throughout this process, we receive quite calls from our existing clients with a variety of requests, mainly ones asking for password resets, new user setups etc.


All this works takes me though to lunchtime.   My lunch break is 1 hour and usually I spend that time (obviously eating) … but also catching up with all the football news, mainly Manchester United news, because let’s face it, they are the best team in the Premier League.  My news perusal doesn’t go down well with the boss who is unfortunately a Spurs Fan.  Poor man.


The remainder of the working day goes by quite fast, I have a steady number of calls, walk in clients and repairs to get along with.  I also have the lovely tasks for giving the kitchen a quick once over, washing up the tea cups and generally keeping the office space tidy and risk free.

It’s not all bad!

So all in all, being an apprentice isn’t that bad – please don’t believe the horror stories that all apprentices are taken advantage of.  The worst thing that’s happened to me was the humiliation of being the back end of one of the bosses pranks  – oh yes, I was told (and believed) that I had to use a ‘left handed screwdriver’ (ratchet screwdriver) for a job when I first started. That was a frustrating and long afternoon!

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Mind you, I have it good authority that the boss fell for the ‘tartan paint’ prank by his bosses when he was my age (apparently he was gone for over an hour trying to locate the illusive paint!)– who’s the fool now!?

I’ll save our new member of the humiliation of being the back end of one of the bosses pranks  – Left handed screwdriver – ratchet screwdriver, plus side I now know what a ratchet is.

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