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Following Joe’s recent ‘A day in the life of an apprentice’, we thought we’d write an update on how far Joe has come along in the world of IT with us here at JamCrackers. 

We wanted to highlight how apprenticeships can successfully work, for both the apprentice as well as the impact and change a reliable apprentice can have on your business.

​​August 2015

JOE for blog

A young and shy looking 16 year old chap by the name of Joe approached us.  Joe had just finished his exams at Vandyke School and was looking for work experience to learn the ropes within the IT sector.   

It’s safe to say that we liked Joe on sight and snapped him up immediately!

Joe immediately showed promise and motivation by studying all aspects of computer hardware and regularly observing Richard  (Director) with all computer repairs and remote jobs within the office.

Later that year we entered and won The Dunstable and Houghton Regis New Business of the Year Award.  We were very proud to share the experience with our new recruit Joe.

January 2016


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Joe started his apprenticeship course at Central Bedfordshire College in January 2016 and embarked on a 2 year IT course with the aim to eventually gain his Level 3 diploma, in *Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals. 

*This work-based qualification is aimed at learners who are working, or want to work, in the IT and telecommunications industry.  It could lead to employment as a business analyst, computer games designer or technical support person, computer hardware engineer or service technician, internet professional, telecommunications technician, IT product developer, IT technical sales specialist or IT trainer.

Joe continued to study hard throughout the year, but while his knowledge of computer hardware and was expanding, we noticed that he was ill at ease with dealing with clients, both face to face and on the telephone.  We therefore decided to help boost his confidence with some telephone training.   Before long, the very shy and unsure Joe had gained confidence and was dealing with customers over the telephone on a daily basis.  


phone Joe blog .jpg 5


Joe began learning basic PC / Laptop repairs

Joe excelled in his first year of college by passing: 
Health and Safety in ICT
Customer Care in ICT
Interpersonal and Written Communication
Data Modelling
Data Structures and Algorithms


November 2016 was also a very special and busy month

for everyone at JamCrackers.


JOE 2016 Hightly commended award 21

We relocated from Grovesbury Road to North Street, Leighton Buzzard and we again (crossed our fingers) and entered the Dunstable and Houghton Regis Awards.   We went on to win the Customer Care Excellence Award and Business of the Year. 

Joe won his first Highly Commended Apprentice of the Year.  A very proud moment for all of us at JamCrackers and for Joe and his family.




By 2017, Joe’s confidence had dramatically grown and he was now dealing face to face with clients and reps.  He also had started on more complex IT repairs, remote jobs and server installations with JamCrackers.  Joe’s passionate attitude towards work and his interest and knowledge in the world of IT support, was really starting to shine through.  Joe had finally found both his voice and confidence and wasn’t afraid to use them!

Joe continued to shine at college by passing: 
Technical Fault Diagnosis
Working with ICT Hardware and Equipment
Investigating and Defining Customer Requirements for ICT Systems
Managing Software Development
Computer Games Development
Creating a Procedural Computer Program
Designing and Developing Procedural Computer Programs
Designing and Developing Event-driven Computer Programs

Joe's work ethic was rewarded in November 2017 when we entered him for the Apprentice of the Year award at the prestigious Dunstable and Houghton Regis - Business and Community Awards and he went on to win!  


JOE 2017 Apprentice winner.jpg 2



Joe completed and passed his course and officially left college in January 2018.  Joe was then promoted from apprentice to IT Engineer.  

Joe went on to pass his driving test in May 2018 and has since been on a several business related visits.   

Joe now handles remote support and holds the fort within the office on daily basis.  He has grown with JamCrackers and his quest for knowledge and customer satisfaction are still a top priority for him.  We receive an abundance of positive feedback on a regular basis regarding Joe’s IT services, his great personality and kind mannerisms.  We could not be more proud of how far Joe has come along in such a short space of time. 


Joe 31.01.18 iStock 857232868 1.jpg 8


Joe continues to work with us here at JamCrackers as our IT engineer, where he continues to learn on the job.  We are happy to say that he is now on the road to becoming assistant manager for JamCrackers UK. 

Congratulations on your amazing journey Joe. 

Everyone here at JamCrackers UK are very proud of you. 

Here’s to the next 3 years! 

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1.  Remote support:

Saving your business both time and money


 Remote IT support.jpg2


All of our business clients are looking to achieve a business growth at a reasonable cost, let's face it, in this day and age, who isn't? 


With JamCrackers remote IT support packages, we eliminate the cost of having in-house IT support facilities and offer the following benefits:

Saves time
Secure and convenient
Support for almost any device with internet access, including desktops and laptops, even some smartphones and tablets
Support whenever and wherever you need, all you need is an internet connection.
Out of hours support can be arranged at a time to suit you
You’re in control. Control access to your device via the support section on our website 
Less travel, and a lower JamCrackers carbon footprint.
Optimises your resources – no more unnecessary time spent fixing minor IT problems. We’ll fix them in a heartbeat.
We can resolve most minor software and hardware issues for a lower fee.


Did you know that nine times out of 10

we’ll get your device up and running quicker

than calling out an engineer?



2. Better security for your business


security 19.01


Did you know that the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018, researched by Department for Digital Media, Culture and Sport, University of Portsmouth, found that four in ten businesses (43%) and two in ten charities (19%) experienced a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months?


Or that three-quarters of businesses (74%) and over half of all charities (53%) say that cyber security is a high priority for their organisation’s senior management?


Or even that under three in ten businesses (27%, versus 33% in the previous 2017 survey), and two in ten charities (21%) have a formal cyber security policy or policies?


With our remote support IT services we can bring our experience

and protect your business from hackers and attack. 

We have the expert and most prudent ways

to counter security threats.  




3.  IT problems that we can routinely

sort out remotely for your business


 IT Help blog

Here’s a few examples of IT problems that we routinely sort out remotely, enabling us to improve your business efficiency.  


  • Unable to send or receive emails using MS Outlook
  • Can’t open a programme such as MS Word or MS Excel
  • Operating system will not update automatically
  • Programs not responding as they should

Once you’ve signed up to our remote IT support we are just a phone call and log-in screen away. It’s completely FREE for our contract customers, while non-contract customers pay an affordable one-off fee. 


We can help wherever we are.



4.  No Geek Speak 


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We understand that the world of IT isn't everyone's passion.   That some still think that Spam is a pork product that comes in a can, or that phishing requires not just a hook, but also a rod and reel, or that cookies belong in a biscuit jar.  We also know how frustrating it can be to not fully understand computer jargon.  That is why will always deal with any technical issues in plain speaking terms and ensure our clients fully understand what is happening with their business devices.  


We identify with our clients and speak their tech language.


We won't dress things up. We understand how well plain language stands out from the onslaught of jargon. We also know that people tend to pay more attention when they can actually follow what you’re saying!  


We use a No Geek Speak policy.

This means using plain, to-the-point language. 



5.  We will help and show you why you

should align your 


business strategy with your IT


Business growth

Are you aware that an effective IT strategy is vital for achieving and maintaining a successful business?  We have discovered that so many small business owners neglect it, and forget to align it with their broader business plans.


IT should never be thought of as a commodity.  Your IT is an investment. With JamCrackers, we can help you grow your business and take advantage of many new opportunities.


Sadly, many businesses don't have a strong link between their business strategy and IT - even though that link can make all the difference between success and failure. 


With business support from JamCrackers, we can help your business discover the best IT strategy and identify existing problems with your technology setup.  


Our aim is to enable your business to run smoothly

both now and in the future.



6. We can help and advise on effective

ways to get more out of your


business IT budget


budget 1


With most industries becoming increasingly reliant on technology, we are urging business owners to understand that IT isn't a cost centre. It’s an investment that makes you more competitive, and helps grow your business. 

The point is, you don't need a huge budget to get first class technology. Whether is embracing software as a service (SaaS), or simply taking advantage of free apps and tools, we are here to show and advise ways that your business can get the most out of its IT budget.

Did you know that you can reduce your other business

costs when you've got the right technology behind you?


7. Most importantly,

we are really nice people to work with!

 award istock

Last but not least, we are actually a really nice bunch of people to work with. We are proud to support not only local businesses, but local charities too.  Our staff also undertake individual charity work.  We have supported Autism Bedfordshire and FUN raising a whopping £6,000 over the last few years.  

We offer quarterly newsletters to keep our clients up to date with our business news.  We have 5* reviews from our clients across our social media and online platforms. We are also an award winning IT team. 

We pride ourselves on our passion for IT and we want what is best for your business.  Our staff have excellence customer care skills and we will always go above and beyond to offer a first class service.

Why not check out what our clients say about us? 



Hi there. I’m Joe. IT apprentice to JamCrackers’ UK

1 Joe Blog


This is my first blog (please be kind).  I thought I’d share my learnt knowledge of what a day in the life of an IT apprentice REALLY is like. Buckle up apprentice friends!

I start every morning with the frustrating task of opening the shop.  Whilst very secure, our electric shutter really does like to move a leisurely pace, even more so when it’s pelting with rain, like this morning. (I swear it does it on purpose to mock me).     

I finally get into the office, around 9.00am, make myself and the boss (if he’s in …) a cuppa. 

(Rule one of apprentice life, if you want to avoid sarky comments such as these classics ‘has the fuse gone again in that kettle’ or ‘is that the kettel I hear boiling’ from the boss, always be one step ahead and make him/her a cuppa to shut em up!).

So, not only have I braved the elements, won the battle with mocking shutter this morning, but I’ve also managed to keep the boss happy (go me!).  


Now on to my working day

2 Joe Blog


I have a great routine that I stick to and I would personally recommend to other apprentices to have a routine/check list to help you manage your time efficiently throughout the day.    

First on my morning hit list is to check and prioritise all the outstanding calls I need to make, and to check work emails.

After my routine checks are done, I then head over to our work station (this is all of 3 ft way from my desk –it’s an exhausting journey!).  This is where we keep the commercial pending repairs.  Part of my job is to ensure that all devices are professionally logged and that repairs are diagnosed, and customers are updated on the repair progress.

Throughout this process, we receive quite calls from our existing clients with a variety of requests, mainly ones asking for password resets, new user setups etc.


All this works takes me though to lunchtime.   My lunch break is 1 hour and usually I spend that time (obviously eating) … but also catching up with all the football news, mainly Manchester United news, because let’s face it, they are the best team in the Premier League.  My news perusal doesn’t go down well with the boss who is unfortunately a Spurs Fan.  Poor man.


The remainder of the working day goes by quite fast, I have a steady number of calls, walk in clients and repairs to get along with.  I also have the lovely tasks for giving the kitchen a quick once over, washing up the tea cups and generally keeping the office space tidy and risk free.

It’s not all bad!

So all in all, being an apprentice isn’t that bad – please don’t believe the horror stories that all apprentices are taken advantage of.  The worst thing that’s happened to me was the humiliation of being the back end of one of the bosses pranks  – oh yes, I was told (and believed) that I had to use a ‘left handed screwdriver’ (ratchet screwdriver) for a job when I first started. That was a frustrating and long afternoon!

4 Joe Blog


Mind you, I have it good authority that the boss fell for the ‘tartan paint’ prank by his bosses when he was my age (apparently he was gone for over an hour trying to locate the illusive paint!)– who’s the fool now!?

I’ll save our new member of the humiliation of being the back end of one of the bosses pranks  – Left handed screwdriver – ratchet screwdriver, plus side I now know what a ratchet is.

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